Course Duration: 1 Month – 3 Lectures in a week
Class Duration: 55 Mints per class
Cost: 2500 AED
Contact: +971 50 6599833

Build an Ecommerce WordPress Website using Woocommerce. Customize it with 5 different looks and configure 20+ Popular WordPress Plugins to make it an impeccable website
This course will take you through simple and practical approach while learning E-commerce principles. It doesn’t hold any unnecessary theories on WordPress, instead it takes you on the right path to create an Ecommerce store with clear step-by-step guidance starting from a domain to configuring a payment gateway. The entire course is captioned i.e. you have English U.S subtitles for all the lectures.
  • Each lecture is prepared, scripted and produced with closed captions.
  • You’ll learn from the basics of where to buy hosting, domain to advanced topics like setting up an automatic Amazon affiliate store, PayPal & Stripe payment gateways.
  • By the end of this complete Ecommerce website course, you can transcend from an absolutely Zero to a Hero, running a powerful online store to sell your products, in just 10 hours.

After deciding to sell your products through an online store:

  • If you opt for a Web designer, he may charge you $1000 for creating a custom theme.
  • Instead if you choose a professional Ecommerce service provider they may charge you $600. But the limitation here is, you cannot ask for a custom design and they won’t offer any post purchase support too.
  • But, if you start up this course you yourself will become an expert in customizing your own website with various WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Above all, I will be with you, all the way down, to help you sort all the issues, while building your Ecommerce site.

Added Value:
All lectures follow a step-by-step plan that will guide you along the way, so by the end of this Ecommerce course, you can transcend from absolutely zero to an Ecommerce expert, running a powerful online Ecommerce store in no time.

Added Bundle:
Premium Grade Free Theme Bundle once you complete the course

Curriculum For This Course
ECommerce course Introduction

  • Complete Woocommerce course Introduction
  • Preview the look of our Ecommerce WordPress website
  • Deep dive into the features of our Ecommerce website
  • Preview in Live: Official E-Commerce website

Domain and Hosting Basics + WordPress Installation (New):

  • Local vs. Server WordPress Installation for Ecommerce websites
  • Install WordPress Locally
  • Start and Exit Local WordPress Website
  • Free vs Paid Domain and Hosting
  • How to get a free sub domain and hosting to learn this course?
  • List of Free domain registrars and hosting providers
  • Get Domain Name Suggestions
  • Recommended Domain Registrars
  • Purchasing a Domain Name – A Walkthrough
  • Recommended paid domain registrars
  • How to Choose your honest hosting provider?
  • Hosting Providers to Avoid!
  • Purchasing a Hosting – A Walthrough
  • Link Domain registrar with Hosting provider
  • Install WordPress on your Server
  • WordPress Dashboard – Screenshot
  • Domain & Hosting

WordPress Essentials:

  • WordPress Dashboard
  • WordPress Categories, Tags & Post Revision
  • WordPress Permalink
  • WordPress Permalinks settings
  • WordPress Posts Dashboard

WordPress Settings:

  • Comprehensive coverage of WordPress General settings
  • It guides you about Reading settings. It teaches you the needs of each options in Reading settings and how to configure it in a better way
  • WordPress Discussion
  • WordPress Media
  • WordPress Media Library
  • WordPress Pages
  • WordPress Tools
  • User Profile
  • Comments

Woocommerce Setup:

  • Convert your normal WordPress website to Ecommerce WordPress Website

Add Products to Ecommerce website:

  • Products Types available in ecommerce WordPress website
  • Download Sample Images for Sample Products
  • How to use the resource given in previous lecture?
  • Add a Simple Product to your Ecommerce website
  • Add a Grouped Product (+ Virtual) to your ecommerce website
  • Add an Affiliate / External Product to your ecommerce website
  • Add a Variable Product to your ecommerce website
  • Add Product Categories, Tags and Attributes to your ecommerce website

Add Themes to Ecommerce website:

  • Download Socute theme here – Woocommerce supported
  • Upload a new WordPress Theme
  • Design & upload a header logo with background image
  • Download Storefront ecommerce WordPress Theme
  • Install and Customize StoreFront Theme

Bulk operations with Woocommerce Products:

  • Add a variable and a simple product to your ecommerce website
  • Duplicate a Product within your ecommerce website
  • Bulk Regenerate thumbnails
  • Quick Edit: Product (Categories, Tags and Attributes)

Customizing Ecommerce Site with Themes:

  • Add and Customize Menus + Display % off icons on Product thumbnails
  • Create Blog, Image Gallery Page in your Ecommerce website
  • Create Promotional Post in your ecommerce website
  • Customize Mystile ecommerce WordPress Theme Part 1
  • Customize Mystile ecommerce WordPress Theme Part 2
  • Add Contact us page to your Woocommerce website
  • Add Terms & Conditions page and ‘I Accept’ checkbox to Checkout
  • Procedure to Customize Homepage of Other Themes
  • Make your ecommerce website – A responsive one

Woocommerce Settings:

  • Woocommerce General settings
  • You will learn about the tax configuration option in woocommerce. It will teach you all technical aspects of woocommerce tax settings
  • In this lecture you will learn How to configure tax setting for a diffrent tax rate in different countries with a clear example
  • Woocommerce PayPal Payment Gateway
  • WooCommerce Restrict Payment Gateways to Specific Countries
  • WooCommerce Shipping Zones and Shipping Methods
  • WooCommerce Shipping Methods: Flat Rate Shipping
  • WooCommerce Conditional Free Shipping Option
  • WooCommerce COD with Free Shipping for a Specific Country
  • WooCommerce Shipping Options + Shipping Classes
  • WooCommerce Coupons and International Shipping
  • WooCommerce Local (Delivery + Pickup)
  • WooCommerce Email

Stripe Payment Gateway:

  • Introduction to Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Install Stripe Payment Gateway plugin
  • Enable Stripe Payment Gateway in WooCommerce
  • Test Transaction 1: Master Card – Debit Card
  • Test Transaction 2: Fraudulent Cards
  • Stripe Automatic Refunds from WooCommerce Orders Dashboard

Orders Management:

  • ECommerce Orders introduction
  • ECommerce Coupons
  • Add an order manually
  • WordPress ECommerce Viewing orders
  • WordPress ECommerce Order Status
  • WordPress ECommerce Order Totals
  • Automatic and Manual refunds

Analyse Sales Reports:

  • Reports Intro
  • Reports Tax
  • Reports Stock
  • Reports Customers
  • Reports Orders Sale by date
  • Reports Orders Sale by product
  • Reports Orders Sale by Category + Coupons

Secure your ECommerce website:

  • ECommerce Security + Plugin Installation
  • WordPress Login Lockdown
  • WordPress Admin Username
  • WordPress File System Security
  • WordPress Basic + Advanced Firewall Protection
  • WordPress Database Security
  • Manage Blacklist in WordPress
  • WordPress Brute-Force Protection
  • WordPress Spam Prevention
  • Scanner

Add Pricing Tables:

  • ECommerce – Pricing Tables – Intro
  • Configure and setup a Responsive Pricing Table
  • Install & Setup ECommerce Kento Pricing Table
  • Install and Setup ECommerce Pricing Table Plugin