Google AdSense is one of the coolest ways for you to make sure you can serve your content like a master who monetizes faster! Google AdSense is a program that’s run by internet’s most famous giant tech company: Google.

It basically allows publishers that are part of the Google Network of content sites to actually serve automatic text, video, image, and even interactive media advertisements which will then be targeted to the site’s content and to an audience. Indeed, AdSense is Google’s kind and caring way of actually providing companies specific venues for their advertisements.

What will the amount you earn depend on?
It’s all about how popular your website really is and how much money advertisers are ready to pay for your type of content.
Work 1 to 2 hours daily on internet with Google and earn handsome income. Learn SEO and Work online part time or full time with Google AdSense and earn handsome amount on monthly basis.

Blogging + Google AdSense Training: 12 lectures –  3 lectures in a week
Course Duration: One month
Training Fee: 3000 AED
Contact: +971 50 6599833

1- One domain on .com or .net or .info
2- Web Hosting with unlimited bandwidth
3- Complete dynamic website with fully equipped control panel
4- Complete training about
(i) How to update the website with articles
(ii) How to divert maximum traffic into website by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization).
5- How to increase page rank of your website
6- How to register in Google AdSense and how to earn.