Drawing fundamentals:
In this course you will learn the complete set of fundamentals for drawing. The fundamentals of drawing are the basic building blocks essential for creating art, and depending on what kind of art you aim to create some fundamentals will benefit you more than others, furthermore we will guide your focus on those most important for you. This course will act as a swift introduction to all the fundamentals of drawing, and guide you on your process of learning and improving these concepts into your own personal art.

Drawing the Human body:
In this course we will be exploring all the assets that make up a human body and tackling them individually. Concepts such as anatomy and proportion will be explained and demonstrated in detail throughout the course, along with the exploration of all the basic components of the human body such as the head, arms, hands, torso, legs and feet. We will be referencing the complex yet simplified drawings of masters such as Michael Hampton to accelerate the process of progression. The course will tie together this knowledge to help you improve your own personal drawings and guide you to further your skill even after it ends.

The 12 principles of animation:
In this course we will explore the 12 fundamental principles of animation as cited by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston also knowns as the old men of Walt Disney. These principles are guidelines that help make animated characters much more believable in their actions and movements. Some of these principles include Squash and stretch, Staging, Solid drawing, Exaggeration, Timing and much more.